Supporting Information

Supporting Information

Please read carefully



For the protection of both myself as a practitioner/therapist and also the client, all treatment session are recorded


What should I wear?

You will not be required to undress for treatments or therapy sessions.

It is recommended to wear light and loose fitting clothes, such as a t-shirt and trousers.

Please avoid wearing heavy denim or clothing with lots of pockets, zips and heavy stitching.

Please also avoid wearing shirts with a collar.

Women are advised to avoid wearing dresses or legging.


Before a session

It is best to avoid eating a large heavy meal in the hour before an assessment/treatment.

A light snack an hour before would be ok.


Other Treatments

It is advised not to mix your Neuro-Skeletal / Bowen Technique sessions with other therapies.

This is because the establishing of improved brain-body communications can easily be erased by other treatments.

Therapies to avoid include; Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage, Chiropractic / Osteopathic manipulations, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

There are a few therapies that work well with Neuro-Skeletal / Bowen Technique and these are:

  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Homeopathy
  • Back Flower Remedies


After your treatment

Movement & Activity

In the hours and days after your treatment it is important to keep active to help the removal of toxins.

The effects of a treatment can have a powerful effect on many body systems, which may result in changes in organ function and metabolic processes.

As a result we need to keep the body from being inactive for long periods of time.

As a minimum requirement, it is advised to walk 20 paces every 20-30 minutes, this could be up and down the living room for example.

Water & Hydration

Following a treatment it is very important to drink plenty of water.

People sometimes fail to get the full benefits, particularly from the Bowen Technique, because they are dehydrated.

The Bowen Technique works with fascia, this is a very electrically active tissue in the body, and is very sensitive to water.

It is suggested to drink an extra couple of glasses of water per day during the period that you are having treatments.

We advise increasing water rather than other beverages, as there are added benefits from water that you will not get from other drinks.

Immediately after your treatment

It is best to arrange your treatments so that you are able to remain relatively relaxed and calm for the rest of the day.

Ideally avoiding factors such as strenuous exercise, heavy lifting and driving long distances.

Hot & Cold Treatments

If you have been using ice packs or heat on any areas of pain, it is advised to stop this during the time that you are having Neuro-Skeletal/Bowen Tecnique sessions.

Hot & Cold treatments appear to have a detrimental impact on the effectiveness of the therapy sessions.

Reactions to treatment

Occationally people may experience headaches or flu-like symptoms following a treatment.

If this occurs it is a good sign and you need to drink plenty of water to assist the body in flushing out the toxins that are being released.

As with any healing, things may get worse before they get better. In most cases any reaction to treatment is a sign that the body is responding and trying to make corrections.

Once these reactions clear, there is usually an improvement.


The effects of treatment sessions can often cause the body to begin correction of problems at many levels.

If you are on any medications, you will need to monitor how you feel during the course of therapy. If you feel that the amount of medication you are taking needs to be altered, then you should consult your doctor.


I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have as you progress though the therapy process.

My preferred way of communicating is via text or email.

If you wish to speak to me on the phone, please be aware that I can be difficult to get hold of. This is because I am unable to answer when I am with a client or teaching a class.

However, if you leave a message I will get back to you.


Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to make a session that you have booked, please let me know as soon as possible, this will allow someone else to have your time slot.

I generally don't have a cancellation fee, except in the rare instance when someone repeatedly cancels or doesnt show up for session that they booked.



Always consult your GP if you feel you have an illness or disease.

Although assessments can reveal useful information about you, I am not allowed by law to make a diagnosis of any illness or disease.

Therapy sessions are not intended to replace treatment from a qualified medical practitioner.

Therapy sessions are not treating illnesses or diseases.