Electro-Physiological Biofeedback


     Electro-Physiological Biofeedback



The process of Electro-Physiological Biofeedback involves testing the client with electromagnetic frequencies to determine which ones stimulate a ‘stress response’ in the body.

Frequencies that stimulated a ‘stress response’ are then used to treat the client.

By administering these ‘stress’ provoking frequencies to the client, the body’s own equilibrium/balance is challenged and a correctional response is produced by the body in an attempt to resolve the ‘stress’ and restore optimal balance.

Electro-Physiological Biofeedback is a technique that stimulates the body to resolve its own problems by adapting to stress and improving self regulation.





Andy attaches the wrist electrodes to a client




What to expect at a session

You will be linked to the computer based biofeedback system using soft electrodes that wrap around your ankles and wrists.  There is also a head band that holds 8 sensors against the forehead.

Through these electrodes/sensors the system is able to read and monitor various electrical signals from the body and also administer gentle electromagnetic frequencies for testing and therapy.

You will be asked to lye down and relax whilst the therapy session takes place.  Most people find the process very relaxing.

The frequencies administered to the body during therapy are very gentle and below most peoples ability to feel anything happening.

What you may feel are your body’s subtle reactions to the therapy. 

People often report sensations of warmth in various areas of the body, tingling in the hands and a deep relaxation.


Every session is unique to your individual needs

We do not need to know anything about you to perform a therapy session.

This is because the frequencies that your body requires will be determined by your ‘stress’ responses during testing.

If you do have an area of the body that you think requires direct therapy or you have a known issue such as inflammation or pain – then it is possible to administer biofeedback directly on these areas.


It is important to point out that I do not treat illnesses or diseases

I do not take on clients on the basis of whether I can resolve a health issue they have.

When you come to a therapy session all I am offering is Electro-Physiological Biofeedback therapy sessions that work to reduce the body’s ‘stress’ burden. 

The result of regular therapy sessions is a reduced ‘stress’ burden on the body that in turn helps it to self regulate and resolve many health problems for itself


These PIP energy field scans were taken before and after a single treatment session of Electro-Physiological Biofeedback.

The area of red congestion circled in the first photo, which was also an area of pain for the client, is almost completely cleared in the re-scan taken immediately after the treatment.

These scans show the effectiveness of Electro-Physiological Biofeedback in helping to restore health at the energetic level


Health Analysis

As the Biofeedback process takes place the system can feedback some very interesting information about your health.

The following charts show some of the body's stress reponses to organ frequencies and other test items.

These charts are not a diagnosis, but they are interesting, as they reflect where the body is needing most support at the time of treatment.

This information is given to the client at the end of the session.



In these charts the client is showing stress responses to oxidative stress and inflammation in the top chart and pancreas and immune system are needing support.


60 minute therapy session: £40

Contact Andy to arrange your therapy session

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I am based in Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 1DD