Neuro-Skeletal Therapy

Neuro-Skeletal Therapy

Neuro-Skeletal Therapy uses a combination of muscle testing and applied neurology techniques to allow the practitioner to assess and correct how the brain is communicating with the body.

In many cases when people are in pain or have issues with movement, posture, tight muscles and injuries, many traditional methods that focus just on the muscles often struggle to restore function.

This is because they are failing to understand that the problems often involves how the body is communicating with the brain.

Often there may be a case where there is faulty feedback to the brain from an area of pain, and if this can be identified and corrected then function in that area can quickly be restored.

Sometimes, the problem may be linked to organs or hormones, for example, a digestive problem could be linked with a hip or knee problem. Neuro-Skeletal techniques allow us to check for possible organ and hormonal correlations to muscles.

These are just a few examples of the communication pathways that are assessed and if necessary corrected during a therapy session.

The Neuro-Skeletal assessment allows treatment to be completely personalised and takes away a lot of the guesswork.

Sessions are combined with the Bowen Technique in order to create the most effective treatment session possible.

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Combined sessions of Bowen Technique & Neuro-Skeletal therapy are 60 minutes long and cost £40


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