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3 Step System

When nothing else has worked

Does not involve hard, painful manipulation

Suitable for everyone in any state of health



Step 1


'If you're not assessing, you're guessing!'

One of factors that allows me to get results where others fail, is the comprehensive assessment that is performed

Often the key to success is understanding where the problem is and what body systems are involved

Many times the root of the problem is not where the pain is!

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Step 2


Neuro-Skeletal & Bowen Technique

These 2 treatments are extremely effective in their own right, but when combined results are attained very quickly

People will often see improvements during the first session

I get people to think in terms of 3 treatments, and then we evaluate

For many people, this may be all that is required, others may have seen significant improvements but need more sessions to complete the process

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Step 3

Rehabilitative Exercise

Hanna Somatics / Core stability

A rehabilitation process that does not include postural & movement reprogramming is likely to leave the client susceptible to relapse

Correctional exercises put the client in control

People often need to relearn how to move, they need to unlearn the faulty patterns and habits that have in many cases caused the pains they are experiencing

Hanna Somatics is not stretching or strengthening!

It is a system of gentle movements that release deeply ingrained habitual tension patterns and also reprograms how the body moves

It does this by working to re-establish brain body communications, so that the brain tells the muscles to relax back to a normal level of tension

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Andy Morey

Neuro-Skeletal / Bowen Technique / Hanna Somatics 

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